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Play Around

Together, we make kids laugh.

A claim, a mission, a guideline for our daily work that goes even further…

Together, we make kids laugh is almost a way of life: in Play Around we work to design toys that will entertain millions of children.

Fun, and a touch of magic, are at the core of each of our projects.

Two words: our work, our world.

Play, Around: two words that combined express the whole essence of our work.

Play is the key to overcoming cultural and physical barriers, and it teaches us to not take ourselves too seriously. That’s why we believe it’s an activity we shouldn’t leave behind, even when we grow up.

And to do it best, we deal with creativity and experience in everything that revolves… around the world of toys, from idea to design to production.

We do it together: we are a skilled, close-knit, creative Team, working hand in hand with all our partners who trust us with the realization of their fantastic projects.

We put all our skills, gained over years in the industry, at the service of integrated projects: we conceive, design and produce toys for children and… non-children enthusiasts!

We are based in Turin, but we also have teams in Hong Kong, China, as well as a network of collaborators in major business countries.

Our story


Our story has a recent past but also deep roots: we are part of the constellation of the Pea Group, a factory with over 40 years of history that began with publishing and has grown to include four companies with different specializations. This is why we have gained the experience and skills that have led us to become what Play Around is today.

Here are the milestones of our fantastic journey through the most significant moments (at least until now!).