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The value

The key role of the playful aspect

In Play Around we believe in the value of experience related to the play aspect.

Our projects start from the idea that a toy is not “just” a toy, but a tool for interacting with the outside environment and sharing an experience with other children.

And these are all the values we believe in and that guide our work.


We believe that play is the “foundation of every culture of social organization”, promoting psychological, motorial and cognitive development focused on building personal identity. That is why we place the development of each child’s personality through fun at the center of every project, as a function of his or her social maturation and character formation.

Freedom and sharing

Children must be free to choose if and when to play: imposition takes away the playful component and the pleasure of play itself.

In the second stage of life then takes over the social function, which encourages the child to interact through sharing a positive experience, which must be cultivated. It is in the family, in fact, that the first transfer of educational content takes place, allowing the affective connection to be consolidated and stimulating positive competition between brothers and sisters.


Play is one of the main tools by which children learn to know, manage and react to their emotions. We believe in the value of curiosity to try a new toy, with all the possible feelings and situations that may arise (from success to defeat), through the experience of discovery and experimentation.