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Our projects

Some of our newest creations

Masha & Orso Raccontastorie

The magic of a device-narrator

Simba Toys, a German toy manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, had the need to develop a technological device that could read the stories of Masha & Orso. This is how we created the Masha & Orso Storyteller, which uses a technology activated by placing the 3D figures of Masha or Orso in the appropriate support.

There are currently 24 stories available, for over 130 minutes of listening time!

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The perfect union of playability and “collectability”

The Hatchies were created thanks to a collaboration with Rovio, a famous Finnish app and video game developer, most famous for Angry Birds.

For Rovio, we created the Hatchies, aiming to combine playability and “collectability,” with 30 colorful characters. We thought of a special material to produce the Hatchies, which makes them bounce just like in the cartoon series!

In addition, you can mix the soft body with different covers to create new characters.

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Cubo Cuboso

Giocheria's iconic logo becomes a storyteller

We turned the iconic Cubo Cuboso, the logo of Giocheria, a historic chain of Italian toy stores, into a technological storyteller.

The teddy bear Gio, positioned on the cube, tells over 20 stories inspired by classic children’s fairy tales… just with his voice!

This is a project we developed and produced for Giocheria under the TATA brand, using our proprietary RFID technology that makes the developed toy products smart.

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The first property entirely Made in Play Around

Kawais are the first property entirely made in Play Around, and we designed them with the aim of creating a community of small collectible animals.

By combining children’s natural predisposition for those animals with simple (but unique) color and style characteristics, we wanted to strengthen the bond and liking of younger consumers for our product!

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From the cartoon series to the complete toy line

MeteoHeroes is an Italian cartoon series from the Meteo Expert app: six children with supernatural powers who become the superheroes of the planet!

For MeteoHeroes we are master toy licensor, so we developed the complete toy line consisting of the collection of the six characters, the iconic Hypermeteo Band and the Jet Stream.

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The newest generation of laser blasters

Argon represents our efforts in technology at its best: they are the latest generation of laser blasters.

We have designed four different packs, with different game modes, to have fun testing your reflexes or for exciting challenges among friends, at home and outdoors!

The Argon line of laser tag guns represent a jump forward in their category, thanks to their special features.

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Tata Box


TATA BOX is the latest addition to the Play Around family. It is the result of applying our proprietary technology that utilizes RFID system to make toys intelligent. This device serves as a fully customizable speaker and is extremely easy to use.

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