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Play for Future

Our efforts for a better world (and future)

“Out” Play Around

In Play Around we are conscious that the sum of many small elements, even very small ones, can be helpful in contributing to something much bigger.

This is why we engage daily with many small actions that affect, for example, production: the companies we work with are all certified, and do not employ child labor.

Inside Play Around

Our research&development department is involved in studying packs that include less plastic.

We have activated supply contracts for gas and electricity with carbon-free suppliers, thanks to which we offset the amount of carbon dioxide we produce.

And to further reduce our environmental impact, we are preparing to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of our headquarters.

Last but not least, we never lose sight of what is most important and what we dedicate our work to: people.

In the company, therefore, we always strive for gender equality and inclusiveness.

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Our certifications