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Play with US

We concretize out-of-the-box ideas

At Play Around we create, produce and distribute toys under our own brand and under license.. Our products are action figures, collectible toys, plush toys, and electronic toys.

Starting with innovative ideas and designs, we think outside the box, because we believe that limits are really opportunities to grow, which is why we try to push ourselves every day beyond what the market already offers, with an eye always on the future.

Distribution and sales partners

Our projects are growing every day!

If you would like to become our Distribution and Sales Partner, please fill out the form to schedule a call and clarify all the aspects that interest you in order to start a fruitful collaboration for you and for us.

      Preferred platform

      Project realization

      Do you have an idea related to a toy or fantasy world that you would like to make more concrete?

      Do you have an action figure ready down to the last detail that “just” needs to be realized? Do you have an original project you want to develop?

      We are the perfect company you can contact: we have skills, experience and creativity available to bring your project to life!

      Fill out the form below to tell us about your project.